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Financial assistance gives you, the parent, more freedom and flexibility to send your child to a school with a staff, faculty, and environment you feel prepares your child for the best possible education and start in life.

We have included information and links to the main financial assistance programs available to help you determine which of these may be the best choice for your child and family. Sometimes the application process can be a bit confusing and even daunting. Our administrative assistants are more than happy to help, and guide, any parent through the process. For more information or assistance, contact us.

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VPK is the intermediary year between preschool and Kindergarten. It is considered very important in any child’s development as well as education, and thus a very important year of a child’s life. It is so important, that if your child is of VPK age (4 years old by September 1st of the school year), the state of Florida pays for 3 hours of credit in the program for virtually every child in Florida. It is very easy to apply for through the Early Learning Coalition.

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Step-Up for Students Scholarship

Florida Steps Up for Students Scholarships are one of the programs that are growing in popularity. Florida Step Up for Students is a scholarship program that, if awarded, is essentially a voucher system that lets each family choose a private school in Florida. While it is income-based whether a family qualifies or not, it is generally easier to qualify than you would think. It is also easier to apply than you would think.

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McKay Scholarship

McKay Scholarships are similar to Florida Step Up, except that they is for children who have any learning disability or special need AND have already attended at least one full school year in a Florida public school. The funds awarded for McKay students are usually much more plentiful than those for other assistance programs.

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